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If Americans Knew
Quantifies, informs and educates the American public on Middle East issues that are unreported, underreported, or misreported in the American media.
Palestine Remembered
A comprehensive source of information about the villages and cities that were cleansed by the Israeli army, and attempts to preserve the memories of Palestinians around the world, and responds to Zionist myths.
Boycott Israel Campaign
Promotes peaceful means of putting international pressure on the apartheid state of Israel and follows in the footsteps of the successful boycott against South African racist apartheid.
Stop The Wall
Calls on stopping building the Apartheid Wall being built in Palestine, dismantling parts already built, returning all lands confiscated for the wall, and compensating for all losses.
End the Occupation
Aims to change US policies that both sustain Israel's occupation and deny equal rights to all.
Israeli Committee Against House Demolition
Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions are against Israel's destruction of Palestinian homes
Jews Against Zionism
Dedicated to informing the public and politicians in particular, that Zionism is in total opposition to the teachings of traditional Judaism.
Jews Against the Occupation
Not only Arabs, but even many Jews are against the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories.
Jews Not Zionists
Point of view of some in the Orthodox Jewish community that Zionism violates Jewish teachings
Jewish Friends of Palestine
A comprehensive list of Jewish activist, speakers, journalists and other notables who are against the illegal Israeli occupation.
New Jersey Solidarity
An active Pro-Palestinian organization based out of New Jersey
International Solidarity Movement
An organization involved in bringing Internationals to Palestinians to aid in Non-violent resistance to Israeli terror.
Electronic Intifada
Online Pro-Palestinian solidarity activist group and information center
Palestine Media Watch
Organization dedicated to monitoring the mainstream media because of its Pro-Israeli coverage
Palestine Independent Media Center
Activist news from Palestine with up to date articles about the Palestinian peoples struggle.
Sambar Trading Company
Website where you can purchase items of Palestinian Solidarity including pins and buttons.
DC Palestine Solidarity
DC area Palestine coalition; Includes events calendar, fact sheets, book selections and much much more
DC area Palestine coalition; Includes events calendar, fact sheets, book selections and more